Wednesday, October 5, 2016

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Teaching ~ Teaching Is Not Telling ~

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Teaching is not telling- nor is it Trivia

There is a Call Noble and Great
Education is for All, Changed is the Fate
Ads are cool. Opening of a school….
Messages are reaching but WHO is teaching?
A hand was raised
A question asked
Ma’am who is a vegetarian?
If he is one who eats- veges
Then who is a humanitarian?
Ma’am our other ma’am said ‘Dates are not important!’’
Students said the board is not visible
It makes the eyes blink
I thought ‘does it make one think?
W James, E Thorndike, J Dewey or Maxine Green !!
How and what as…. is a Pakistani teacher seen?

SO       What to do…and How to Do?
That is the question Or .Has been….!????
To make Concepts clear
Know what you must wear.
To make your Teaching Plan
Not only Skim but SCAN.
 To Present! You must prepare
 Of Traditions Be Aware.
SO teaching is not Not Telling nor is it Trivia.
Teaching is An ART?
With a Picture you must start.
No worries if you have no Chart
When the students look Dull and Bored!
Draw a Circle and a Line on the Board.
SO   You see Teaching is not Not Telling nor it is Trivia.
Teaching is a Dance, it is Necromancy EH?
Put your students in a Trance!
You must cast a Magic Spell
To teach them how to learn to Spell!
With Spellings going all astray
An English Classroom becomes a SHELL!

Teaching is not Telling nor is it Trivia
Mainly your style of teaching will
Depend on the sort of person you are!
Also on the methods and skill!!!
Well- in language it’s a continuous ‘drill’
Whether ABC or P SQ 5 R!!!!!
If you can’t be a twinkling one
Be the Shining Star!!!
SO   Teaching is not Telling nor it is Trivia!
Well Hear Ye Hear Ye! Teachers of EFL
You may be well…
But OH the Poor Soul! of TESOL
In my country, Is about to ring the Bell!
The Consonant Diphthong or the Vowel
Day by day, is becoming difficult to tell!!!