Friday, September 27, 2013

Wired Freedom

Life is no different than when I was a child
four score and twenty years ago I too
was behind barbed wires

innocently brave went along the road
never feeling dangers lurking on board
parents made it safe

once on green land all was peace
love togetherness sharing with ease
enough food all in plenty

King Odysseus left on a journey
Our Quaid went in eternal sleep
we were not so lucky

it is horrific as worldly kings  send
so many hidden killers on hire and rent
to finish the new generation 

I grew up in blackouts and wars
hearing sirens  jets and blasts
from barbed to barbed wires

life is still the same what freedom
can be claimed by anyone -I grieve
for my generation and the next

on every road I find no freedom sign
but more wires secured for security
and yet many are dying

what future for the child we have
all the world is now a zone-
no fly no nuke no drone?

the safety wires are no more strong
they cannot save the Freedom and peace
wires may lie for miles along

Freedom Wither?
what peace was wired
is now all gone'


Saturday, September 7, 2013

~ What Attracts the Human Beings ~

What attracts the human beings
is the puzzling question
Life is a question itself
or is it for some not all
For those who worry 
about The Fall and Wall
against which will be the
Final Call'
But who cares for Life?
there is so much strife
bombs more bombs
tombs no tombs just 
shattered wombs
if this is not hell then
what else is?
What attracts the human being?
Love of the fair sex?
Flesh of the fair sex?
or the opposite complex?
who cares when children
fair old and young all
are dying in blood
once all died in flood'
What attracts the human being?
Power? Control? Command?
Why ? men all over are the same
and so are the women
God made them in the best mold
But some more in power hold
and try to be the Bold
but prove more to be cold'
What attracts the human being?
The Heavens All
without any Fall
All life and Breath
Without any Death
Others may die but not
any one of us

Nothing will anyone get
but the Good Deeds set
Go for the Light that cuts
 Darkness around that shuts
Go for The Love if
 you wish for Heavens above

Friday, August 9, 2013

In Response to Brenda's Wordle ~ My Words Need No translation ~

Not created in a lab

nor a mistake

neither a Frankenstein am I,

my words need no translation,

I speak my hearts true emotion,

perhaps my notes appear chaotic

but truly they are poetic

Ah ’tis a pity if poetry

makes you sick

you detect the spirit lamp

in seconds absent odor

you pick,

my conscience is clear

and I need not fear

you be at peace and rest

the heart has its reasons,

for friends may leave

or unfriend from a page

but in the hearts they stay

 pray and love, at every stage

my words make  me a poet

my poems  ’love incarnation’

I wish you were not so confused

My words-so simple’

Need no translation’

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~ Life Changes with Time ~

Life changes with time as time itself keeps moving
what is the movement what is the clock  ticking
no one listens to the tick tick as the seconds tick
they just see the hands that move and slowly flick