Wednesday, November 15, 2017

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Meteor Shower ~ One Or A Shower Far Away ~

67.5. And, indeed, We have adorned the lowest heaven (the heaven of the world) with lamps (stars), and made (out of) them missiles to drive away devils; and for them, We have prepared (in the Hereafter) the punishment of the Blaze.

a world of deception
a world of truth
a world of nature
a world of perception

beauty is truth and truth' beauty'
Glory of the Creator manifest
in Light, sun or moon'
in nightly jewels best'

a world of wonder
a sky of thunder
Good thrown asunder
Of Man's  first blunder?

shall it be then grace?
when changed was the face
taking the forbidden 'lace'
and defying glorious space?

meteor or a shooting star 
flying stone of fire is one  afar
a missile sent,on evil bent on
 obdurate pride, clear or haar, 

imagine if it is a meteor shower
how much pride, terror hate 
would cover and infest  
 the world's rose flower bower?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Animals ~ Furry Caretaker ~

no desire to roll

or prance

contentment replete

in form and fur

silent breath

silent purr

guarding the door

on barren floor

profound faith

defying death_

my love have seen

no desire for more,

to heaven I’ve been

back with orders

to guard a spirit 

with the invisible


Friday, September 29, 2017

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Rising Above '~ You Can Only Rise If ...~

loved the homeland

played in the sand
a few steps were a mile ,
 story books faithful silent companions
twinkling jewels friends at night

loved the constellations 

woke up, rising loved the sunlight warm
loved the school learning farm
fell from the tricycle injured the knee
cried limped but rose to ride a bigger wheel

loved to drive

 the jeeps no motorbikes though
CJ5, Willys Toyotas, Oh Dear-
time slipped, walls houses became smaller
workload increased so did the traffic

felt the strain and stress

revelation realization presence
of pain loss and fear, set in
blackouts sirens guns fired
shattered peace as conflict began

college did not stop, nation united
defeated the enemy, father at war front,
mother and I silently patiently held on
staying strong, praying 

missed the homeland Kashmir
and now this land?  Rise Above '
this is life, freedom' a blessing'

'pewasta reh shajar se umeed e bahar rakh' 
Allama Iqbal's poetry inspired again
let go not the rope of Hope n Faith
'momin ho to be tegh bhi larrta hai sipahi'
a true believer can fight without weapons

I can only rise if I first kneel
my mission of life must  be to heal
soothe comfort others in need
A Voice said 
You can only rise if  you stay low
 be just  and before the One Almighty, bow'.

Friday, September 15, 2017

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Reunions ~ Returns ~ A Union Has A Reunion ~


In  Life 

a lost slipper found under the bed
forming the pair, comfortably walking away

elderly man and wife leaving for heaven
minutes apart

birds excited choral twittering
filling the foliage,clutching holding on
to twigs, soon silent reunited till dawn

every sunset at the horizon, behind the range
every raindrop's  joyful merging in the ocean
every fruit ripened bursting, fallen
every dinner floor cloth, table abuzz
engulfed in giggling aromas whispers
receding into serene nightly quietude

a darkened descent into an unseen dream

'in the beginning is the end' 

Monday, May 8, 2017

NAPOWRIMO 2017~ Day Twenty Four ~ Soft Smile ~

Poem on a Work of Art

Image result for MONA LISA

Your soft smile,with shining eyes
Expressing a thought that lies,
Deep inside, a world, so full,
Of love and all things, beautiful;
These memories will linger, in my mind,
Bringing lovely sounds in silent times,
Brushing away sorrow and fear,
A cold sigh or a tiny tear;
Oh, why the chains of cruel time
Force me away from these peaceful thoughts
to realizations, so drear and dull;
Is there anything new and great
Outside my little world so straight,
Fresh like the morning dew
Scented like the beautiful rose,
Making me happy,
like your lovely smile.