Wednesday, February 6, 2019

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Zero Tolerance ~ No More ~

No more no more,no
hatred or jealousy, no
riding the red horse

we want freedom,rights
zero tolerance, senseless
 killing,forced living

no more no more, no
violence rape or shooting, strive
for peace, save the world.

Friday, January 25, 2019

For dVerse ~ Tribute To Poetess Mary Oliver ~ When Death Comes...

when death comes 
like an iceberg...

And when it comes
 I will meet the Angel and smile
and say 'you came before and lifted me quietly,
I felt the pull
I saw my self flying straight up high
it was so swift,the flight
a few seconds and I looked down
oh where are you taking me?
my children are so young
and my parents are in later age
they need me too

 see  they are alone,
And Oh Angel you were so kind
You let me go'
You had permission to do that
and I heard you say something' ?

Now if I have been good
have looked after my parents
and have guided my children
on the straight path
I hope and pray that
 my way, will be illumined
each  day of life ,scented
colorful like daisies

life will begin afresh pure, peaceful
as the Almighty  is Gracious and Merciful 
"I  am precious to The Earth',
I need not be frightened'and definitely
not as simply having visited this world'

May You  Dear Mary Oliver Rest In Peace Amen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

For dVerse ~ Poets Pub ~ Shed Some Light On This Today ~

The prompt for today: write a poem (any form; rhyming or not) that includes the word “shed” or a form of the word. I expect to see lots of diversity in the posts for today. Shed your inhibitions and let your imaginations run with it!

my spirit feels light after shedding tears
that were bringing fears, thoughts of  one
unwell and suffering,
how long can one remain in a dull damp shed,
 head down, waiting hoping praying 

Come Come Come'
the sun has shed off its covering
the clouds are sailing away
revealing the bright light
come let us shed our burdens
be grateful and be light

let freedom ring in
let people have the right
for enough blood has been shed
enough land has become red 
enough children and soldiers dead

so let the spirit be free 
and the soul be light
let darkness shed the pall
let there be pure and true light

Friday, January 11, 2019

For POETS UNITED 2019 ~ Midweek Motif ~ Starting Over ~ If Ever I Get The Chance ...


        If ever I get the chance
        to make a fresh start

        I will go all the way to Rabat-
        wearing a jambart, will keep
        and push a tea -cart, serving all
        in the street and ghat

my currency will be Thai Baht
will make many and sell, tarts
in bazars and all marts
will accept the Burmese Kyat
then love to rest under Green heart
and wish for a trip to Kalat

but before I depart I will
listen to Beethoven and Mozart
fill a large apple cart
dress up very very smart
will go slow not dart
outsmart all,this will be

my restart