Saturday, July 24, 2021

For Poets and Story Tellers United~ Weekly Scribblings #79 ~ On My Way ~ To the Hill Station ~

 It brought fresh air
it brought life
it brought joy
it brought peace

a relief from the heat
a blessing divine
on cloud nine
it takes.

this place is one
like none
a protective dome
it is our home.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes ~ Artists ~ Writers~ NAPOWRIMO 2021~ Day 23

 Art Work by John Law

To market to market, but no,where did you go lady?

how did you manage so? who was so kind to let you

follow? danger any did you meet?

you must be wearing the mask,which I vow is

your truthful trust,not like careless breathers of

the day,young restless astray-

O Lady let me carry your load, you bravely hold,

you are stronger though older but quite bold,

And the boy, grandchild must be,your loving

company,hope the parents are alive and well,

somewhere around ,but who can tell, all is hell

and I don’t know,how far you have to go-

or if you have a home or a farm,no harm, a

place to be safe, I wonder as I stare,I have no

voice, I cannot speak, I am hurt inside,deep

you remind me of one,like you I had, I cared

not and I lost all I ever had, now in silence I


Art Work by Jane Cromwell

Touch me not human
I will not be fooled again
Deceptive lover

Future is within,
quest unknown, underworld sky,
fractured after life

Saturday, April 3, 2021

For Poets and Story Tellers United ~ Trees ~


TREE CHANTS  from The  Novel  (Unpublished Yet) Mystery of Pencileeze Forest

Better a Tree than a fee
  Better a fruit than a shoot
  Better an apple and a bee
     Better a seed amid the root

Better to be in time
 than to be a left out
Better to be on  main
than  go round about

Better to be on paper than on table
Better to be sharp than unstable

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

For Poets and Story Tellers United ~ Wednesday Weekly Scribblings #52~ With Ref. to Mary Oliver's Poem "Landscape" ~" Manufacturing the Human Connection"



Recovering from an operation which many people called 'major' I was most of the time thinking about the 'Lt Col' I mean the Surgeon who performed it. Soft and gentle in approach, seeped in concern for pain and alert in attempts to cure wounds and relieve the agony and stress-this is the first impression one gets, at least I got it and instantly I knew that 'She was the One, ordained to touch examine cut and treat my clayey self, bleeding inside and causing pain...and so it happened and The Greatest The Almighty showered His Mercy and sent 'healing'.

'I found the sacred link in this process, the hands that we raise in prayer, the hands that we write with, some where the hands are killers slappers murderers...but these hands were the healing hands and for me meant so much more in relationship.

'My heart weeps and I ask myself, why do I cry? Someone said, “The Doctor did her professional duty, no need to think beyond that”, but I say, “No I found the Human Connection, the silent hidden ocean of devotion and emotion' and when I chanced to hear Ms Lavinia Spalding on TED Forum on the topic: “The Art of Travel Writing”, it was wonderful to hear her views, guidelines and stories, expressing the key lines that, “one has to manufacture the human connection” and this gave me deep satisfaction of being on the right lines. To see my doctor surgeon as an affectionate human with spiritual patience, I felt, I must  acknowledge her work, care and polite attitude even though I paid for the services.

I believe that affection and friendliness has no price and is an inborn thing, not found in many people roaming on this beautiful planet. We have to work on manufacturing lasting relationships with a deep spiritual patience which nurtures compassionate attitudes.

I wish we were humans in the real sense with real care for others for that is the true purpose of life.

Monday, January 11, 2021

For Poets United ~ From Mary Oliver's Poem "Landscape" " Every morning I walk"

 Every morning I walk - no' I wish to
on the  colored nature's universal path
and as I think of walking I feel the soft
earth beneath my feet, and feel connected

I look at the thinly spread and floating
stratus foam, forming strange shapes
but making sweet soothing melodies
I feel like a helpless wanderer,still

Every morning reveals ascending light,
giving new hopes, I try to submerge 
my mind into the ethereal rays unified
my walk transforms to a divine flight 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Seclusion Isolation Writing and Loss ~ 2020 ~

Well that was unexpected,
unprecedented, millions of spirits
leaving the world, leaving yet
millions behind,to mourn in shock
to find oxygen out of stock
while yet we mourned the expected,
loss of a dear writer friend we
lost a close beloved family son
well so sudden so quick so young
that was unexpected 
that was unexpected

so I wrote about writing editing
and poetry, wrote more poetry
collected poems and chats
and found that there were so 
many, thousands and more to add
and crossed the target 
well that was not unexpected
that was not unexpected 

now hopeful for the coming time 
much more poetry forming in line
2021 will be in writing too
poetry stories but more I guess
will be in the shape and style 
of Haiku'