Tuesday, May 21, 2019

For ~ FOWC With Fandango ~ Chosen

                                                              fowc    They  came to see the girl , they had to choose, and then she was chosen
all the time the boy and the boys mother,sat looking at her,she was frozen

wonder what they had in mind, what they expected, what they saw in reality,
her fair color, smoothness of skin, length of hair and body, style of femininity

the tea trolley had felt heavy as she pushed it in the living room, steps heavy
on the carpeted floor, eyelids dropping with sleep, she glimpsed  a fat belly

wondered whose was it in the family chosen for her, for future life and living
‘tea has a good taste, did you make it ? a croaky voice sounded tight n chilling

she dared not raise her eyes, she was not supposed to  typical Eastern attitude
of shyness, maturity, submissiveness, obedience, acceptance,service n servitude

she was relieved when the party left,it was a routine now, coming serving 
smiling pouring tea, waiting getting up,  saying salam and then regretting

she was now beginning to enjoy playing the game of  ‘ Being Chosen’ 
 fairy tale in home forest, trees unseen , freezing  icy, like Queen Frozen

she knew she would never be chosen, life is not a contest nor it is funny
she would make her own story, this was all done with honey and money

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

2019 ~ NaPoWriMo ~ Day Nine ~ Sei Shonagon-style list of “things.” ' Things Which Bring Peace' ~

Things Which Bring Peace

Reading the Holy Verses early in the morning

listening to the chirping twittering of birds 
hidden in the trees

sound of running water in a stream

watching the river meandering

eagles flying gliding high in the clear sky

music waltzes composed by Johann Strauss

watching fields full of tiny wild flowers swaying
with the breeze

hugs from my children and grand children

a loving smile 

and bowing in gratitude before the Almighty 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Writing POETRY ~ Nature is Poetry ~

a tiny green leaf, a tiny worm crawling up a tree
trunk, struggling slipping moving up again, life
in its minutest form is beautiful
it inspires awe strikes the eye
touches the heart and soul
 when thoughts transform into words
it becomes the poem of  poetry

see the tree form a pattern 
see the colors of the sky
see the curve of the hillside
and follow the sunlight and the shade
through the valley across the glade
how dwellings are made
gardens laid and flowers planted
fragrance  embedded fruit granted
all these bright and beautiful things
are natures poetic wings

and so I pick up my pen
sometimes my paint brush
and try to capture the truth I see
the real as it is in light and hue
if I have the words I may do good
if I have the love and the feeling
and gratitude fills my soul
I may be a writer and a poet

for  all nature is beautiful in form and scenery
water sea land or tree
All nature is majestic ,all Nature is poetry

Monday, March 25, 2019

For The POET By DAY ~ Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ Joy Beauty and Death , Some Questions ...

A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever
John Keats


Beauty is joyful
Is Joy only in nature ?
flowers reflect love,

Love makes us joyous
True love is rare, never found
Beauty? Ever present

If you look around
Truth makes the world happier
Then hate is drowned.


Why time stops still
the killer finds the kill
so suddenly coming?

why sharp is the strike
cutting like a knife
leaving us bleeding?

why common places
are becoming Senlac?
why life is a racetrack?

who is fighting for what
and for what winning?
this was not said by

Our Lord so Loving

why we dig but graves to fill?
On top of the High Hill, do you
see Proud Lucifer smiling ?

My heart with fear trembling
cannot for a moment be calm and still
hearing shattered glass and bullets shrill

Another blast another attack-
screams cries blood spilling
why death is brutal and erlking

Monday, March 18, 2019


'Allow your mind to open to this moment and your arms
to rise as they lift the palpable blue\

English Poet Myra Schneider 

    The sky is never engaged
in  battle,   not does it
itself cause a rattle,blue
for visions, dark for secrets 

   The sky is never engaged
but shines in grey and gold
the angry  enraged clouds 
make it overcast and cold

 The sky is never engaged
in war nor bombs it hurls,
but sprinkles the darkness
with stars and shiny pearls.

Friday, February 22, 2019

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Fun ~ When I am With Children ~

My way of having fun
would be with children 
playing in Winters
in the sun...
feeling joy and peace
The toys would be paper
and  color pencils
or crayons
In Summers watching
sunsets and stars
finding constellations
would be Treasure Hunt

Fun would be among the trees
or watching a flower show
each child itself like
a flower so
no shopping no buying
though chocolate cake
or brownies would be OK

guessing objects in a bag
in circle time tags
thanking asking telling
sharing helping caring
each to feel equal and
each to be good
each to have respect
each to have understood

my way of having fun
would be to be with children
all happy,all  at peace
no bombs or a gun

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Zero Tolerance ~ No More ~

No more no more,no
hatred or jealousy, no
riding the red horse

we want freedom,rights
zero tolerance, senseless
 killing,forced living

no more no more, no
violence rape or shooting, strive
for peace, save the world.

For ~ FOWC With Fandango ~ Chosen

                                                                   They  came to see the girl , they had to choose, and then she was chosen ...