Tuesday, October 13, 2020

My Dear Students Hope You All are Safely Happy

I will never forget those days
abundantly visible bags of chips and lays
shy smiles and nods of heads
twist of the style confident threads
skillful artists all of you
painters drummers speakers too
falling in the set of rules
happily,never complaining chairs
or stools, work all done
and well prepared,took some time
to shine and  join in the fun
All my students so good
all forever in my heart
thoughts and prayers
Be well be safe be happy
where ever you may be
make the best of your time

Always  Remember The Almighty


Monday, June 8, 2020

Good Bye Kashmir - One Day will Come

O My Home Land Kashmir
Taken away locked down
my people killed,blinded
raped murdered-who will
culture lifestyle art 
just memories and some
snapshots left behind

Monday, April 27, 2020

For Poets and Story Tellers United ~ Writers’ Pantry #17: Growing Safety ~ Masks ~ Precaution Protection or Paranoia `

154 Best Master of Ceremonies images | Tribal art, African masks ...
Photo Courtesy  Wikipedia

My first memory of a mask is that of the Lone Ranger's, the good horse rider, a hero, wearing a black one, over the eyes, then come the masked Western riders shouting and shooting, mostly in the movies, but masks have a long varied history and are found in fields of medicine theater and culture. The current mask wearing all over the world is for safety and protection against the Corona Virus
To take a phrase from the introduction of the Writer's Pantry -

everyone I saw wore a face mask

shows the growing awareness of the dangers of the pandemic.
Mask is scary as it supports the activities of bandits looters and terrorists.

A mask is applied to beautify the face also, but the question here is about ‘safety from infection of the deadly virus or is it?
Can a mask provide enough protection ? The covered nose and mouth will block the germs from entering the body?

A few lines from my poetry collection:

The Mask

To meet another face we must prepare our own face
infection maybe present nearby, a fear’ that is the case

With time people will get used to this facial cover, and
wear it, recently were taking it off for a false phobia phase

Enemy invisible, the defense weapon, a minor cover, take it
be safe be well, be strong, be brave, or you may not make it.

Learning to live life anew, check for sleep diet light and stress
exercise, avoid TV read books, don’t worry if you change looks

The mask is license to leave house, stay clean in heart and mind
the time is tough a trial and a test, be good, be giving and be kind.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

For Poets and Story Tellers United Weekly Scribblings #15 ~~ COVID -19 Quarantine Histories~ What Keeps Me Occupied .~


Captain Grey African-  Grand kids Pet came to stay for three weeks -stay extended now
The Lock down began strictly on the evening of 20th March. We got some groceries-milk vegetables flour but no peanuts  for the parrot. A quick check had listed fruit and root vegetables as part of his diet.So a relief to know that he could eat carrots and apples too... five weeks now..still no peanuts as shops are closed. 

Photographing the sky at different times of the day has been a major activity other than praying cooking  laundry and late night creative writing attempts...

A Poem on Covid~19 

O’ Tiny Circular Spiky Red Corona Virus
unseen you landed on the planet in silence
invading breathing lungs and airy spaces
sending all under  roofs, covering faces

All ages threatened as all humans are same
some say it’s a hoax some ‘a political game
patent no is different, event is 201- unseen
but contagious, named all over as Covid -19

Killing people to clean the world is cruelty
whoever believes it so, many call it penalty
they know they broke the law, to score –Ah
but would they live to wear the crown –Bah!

Whatever theories are circulating-Covid-19
is bent on killing,changing rules of cleaning
life will not be the same free will, but fear
will stay, care and values of life - dear.

Friday, February 28, 2020

For Poets and Story Tellers United ~ Weekly Scribblings #8: Red Fruit Rendition ~ Apple of The Eye ~

Apples were always favorites
pomegranates difficult,expensive
though one of the best from the
Heavens,rare gems like rubies

in riddles commonly sung
one carton with yellow boxes
inside studded  garnet stones
power for body and bones
Cherries found in Northern Areas
fruit of cold mountain regions
tomatoes red eaten everyday,
fruit by season, not by day.

red blood oranges,  a delight
orange peels  be set aside

watermelons quite a mess
red plums best for stress

back to apples for all reasons
half full or semi red, Ah!

medicine vitamin C iron
or a pie, the best, apple of the eye

My Dear Students Hope You All are Safely Happy

I will never forget those days abundantly visible bags of chips and lays shy smiles and nods of heads twist of the style confident threads s...