Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pakistan My Pure Land

I am praying for YOU

I crossed barbed wire fences

Amidst screams and cries of pain

Over dead and dying young and old

Silenced forever in the cold;

Pakistan I was born with you

But on a different piece of Earth

I thought was mine then-


I was made a born refugee

When we all had to flee;

I was carried

so was my sister

To YOU and safety

But for how long?

Pakistan please know who is your enemy,

Let there be Peace

For which YOU were made

And millions of lives were laid

Pakistan I am praying

And painting

keeping My heart and Spirit Alive

Praying that All Hell Fire Closes

And like the ancient miracle

Oh Almighty may it all turn to Roses.

Our Car in The 1950s

Our car was a Fiat, same as you can see in the photograph