Sunday, January 17, 2010

Am I already failing to fulfill the dream that I saw
Am I sailing yet adrift , Ah my tragic flaw
of waivering doubting and thinking
about what I wish and what I draw-
Am I already weakening
losing hope and tearing
up the paper that I wrote upon
and that where the new light shone on
and that which had my new thoughts
am I losing the grip on tomorrow
and beginning to drown in the white sorrow
and seeing visions blurred
grey and blue
No let me see the shadow
that falls behind and calls me
to come in under its shade
The Red Rock that bade
the pale to glow and flow bright
in the sky for peace and love
Am I faling to see the blade
that sharpens the grass
and clears the way
Ah Hope let me stay for a while
In my single style that others see
but I am blind and simple in humility
for thats my lesson and Guide
Oh Dear OH Lord grant me the sight
so that all is illumined and LIGHT