Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mists of Mystery

Mists of mellow fruitfulness-mists of mystery-mists of death
Oh the smile that breaks at the sight of misty breath!
Hark This is The Horror of Mist on The Mount
Hardly seconds or moments one can count
Of Life -not of any suicide blast this was the sound
Nor the fire, its aftermath, nor the billowing smoke
Of a Tear gas shell-who can tell after the scene of hell
like scatter of thick bestrewn sedge, metal twisted , matter molten
from edge to edge,what was full of hope and love
Destiny took All Above; What Prayers were said at night
what fasts were kept in the day-seeing the flesh burnt and bodies decay
Let Us Beware , Be Awake, Go not astray-O' Oedipus, King
O Prince Hamlet O Action , not procrastination-Let Us
Find the disease and clean the nation-

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Why do I keep waiting when I know it is futile and in vain
Why do I keep away the aspirin when I know that it can take away my pain
Why do I keep lifting the load and shifting gear and making my heart n soul heavy
Why do I hope for the sunlight when I can hear the clouds rumbling n know it is going to rain;

Why do I wish that someone deeply caring will come to me
Why do I want that someone really sharing will write to me
Why do I prepare my mind and thoughts for someone dear
When I know that no one can come no one can write or share;

Oh Lord please give my heart a little peace inside
So that I may learn to be patient and abide
I may not be heavy hoping for someone beside
I may not cry and have tears to hide;

Why did I ever find you living so close
And started to call you my flower, the rose
And you began to write my name in its meaning the star
When only a few days later we were to drift so far;

Why do you have to be so fearful about things
And keep on walking when you can fly on wings
Why do you have to worry fret and beware
When The Lord good things to all good people brings

Why do I have to be so friendly every time I meet
A young eager person learner so keen and sweet
Why do I want to do all I can and not think of any retreat
Why did The Lord make me so free easy and light on my feet:

Why do I have to tell you that you mean so much to me?
Why do you appear like a form and an image which I see?
Why do I need to ask you I wish to meet you dear?
Why do you have to be so quiet as if you cannot hear?

What are the fears that are so instilled in you?
Where are the tears that are filled in and make you so blue?
What are the fetters that entangle and imprison you?
What are the demons witches and devils that peril you?

How would I ever know your feelings until you tell me?
How would I ever know your messages until you send me?
How would I ever know you wish to share and be with me?
How would I ever know that you have a mind and think of me?

Is it the world around that you are afraid of?
Is it the social setup that is woven and made up?
Is it the filial tie that you are bound with?
Is it the tribal responsibility in antiquity laid up?

What is it that holds you tight and pulls you back?
What is it that controls and hovers around your shack
What is it that you feel you should know and that which you lack?
What is it that you feel is a hurdle and that which keeps you off track?

Oh Dear I guess it is the age and burden on your shoulder
It is the youthful desire but the fetters and the boulder
It is the futile apprehension of befriending someone years older
It is the generation gap that erases your smile and makes you colder.

But still please know that till one is alive near and well;
There is someone who cares shares and wishes to tell
Affection support love will always be never ending
Know that there is a Peaceful Heaven and not just a dreadful Hell.

I will never know the answers to all these questions
I only know that I love The Lord who gives me these reflections
And keeps me going in the right directions
I pray that He keeps sending His good people Like Holy Christ’s Resurrection.