Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mists of Mystery

Mists of mellow fruitfulness-mists of mystery-mists of death
Oh the smile that breaks at the sight of misty breath!
Hark This is The Horror of Mist on The Mount
Hardly seconds or moments one can count
Of Life -not of any suicide blast this was the sound
Nor the fire, its aftermath, nor the billowing smoke
Of a Tear gas shell-who can tell after the scene of hell
like scatter of thick bestrewn sedge, metal twisted , matter molten
from edge to edge,what was full of hope and love
Destiny took All Above; What Prayers were said at night
what fasts were kept in the day-seeing the flesh burnt and bodies decay
Let Us Beware , Be Awake, Go not astray-O' Oedipus, King
O Prince Hamlet O Action , not procrastination-Let Us
Find the disease and clean the nation-

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