Saturday, October 16, 2010

Latent Wishes

Do I need a job so desperately?
Or but, rather, a bit separately
Where I can keep all the earning
And can count my very own saving;
Oh what a pleasure it will be!
When I will see, only  my money.
But wait, listen
Am I being a little selfish?

Have I washed my own dirty dish?
Did I remember to close the door?
Or how long ago did I clean the floor?
Ah don’t you know
These are also jobs to be done
Boring they may be, no fun,
Then what type of job do I need
A job to fulfil but, a strange Greed ?

Why is this feeling growing day by day?
Am I really going astray?
Who will answer this question?
Is anybody taking any lesson?
Is there someone capable?
Well, it’s no use neither hoping nor waiting
I guess this is normal.
I am not being so formal
I like being human some of the time
And this world does call me one, in line,
And I guess to be human once in a while
Really is not a crime, the Truth is-
Humans must all the laws obey
Humans must not fall and go astray.

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