Monday, October 18, 2010

Tracing Patterns in Life

I traced some patterns in life
and looked at them for long,
thought they were strong
in design color and length,
But I was told I was wrong-

I drew some lines
in symbols shapes and signs
erased and drew again
till my fingers grew numb
and my wrist cried 'pain'
I believed all was bright
But I was told I was not right-

I gathered some letters
and arranged them in words
I read them over and over
I thought I had the idea 
from under the dark cover
but someone knew better 
and I was entangled 
in iron fetters-

I passed some innocent smiles
being told to be nice
and polite and mannered
I thought I was human,held
Truth and Prayer as my weapon,
But I was dragged away for miles
and forced to pay a  price-

I collected some pictures
all plain and blank
no patterns or lines nor words
or designs, with soundless motions
no thoughts or notions
as hard as stone,
as thin as a bone
as quiet as a mouse
I lived-in the house
I was thus the better, 
good and best,
till the moment when
I was finally laid, 

to rest.

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