Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My world is where I am

My world is where I am,

sorting the real and the scam
amidst visions of the recent dreams
haunting the mind in flashes
sounds dull and fierce screams,
time feels still and time fast flies
I try to stop the tears and the cries.
In vain, my world crumbles
As in my dreams I stumble
                   As thunder roars across the skies,

‘I have a dream” Ah
And I had dreams’, I am a dream,
I dreamt in pain, as down came the rain

My world , flooded to the brim
Chances of survival , thin and grim
I struggled and gasped for breath

A muddy slushy powerful gush
Of Death, reigned supreme,
A loud shout and a sharp scream
Twists and turns and a sudden hush!
Life was still , warm was the blood,

I woke up
And I understood-The Lord was Merciful
And I had time to do more Good.

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