Monday, December 27, 2010

The Silent Carriage-Inspiration from John Keats Odes

What cart is this?
what Roman or Ancient Red Indian Shaped
carriage, royal or classic or roaming on the range
where the buffaloes run
where horses gallop rough
and race the stagecoach strange;
where for miles no soul can be seen
where cries of YUHOO , Hiyaah
sound in the valley
with snapping cracks of the whip;
where shooters hide in the alley
but now tis silent
still and cold, where is the coachman
brave and bold, no horses no reins
no travellers for the gains,
parked aside in red and white,
yet, its grandeur still abides.
'Away Away, no horses neigh
No oil burns the lamp, bright-
I do see a group huddled n hooded
rubbing their hands,long boot footed,
what plans , what journeys, what rides
A mystery masks the man in the dark
and so is the  silent empty carriage, parked.

Photo Credit to Salman Wajahat Dar-Boston USA


  1. Wow ! I had thought the shot will liked by many but what an honor for the beautiful shot to inspire you to make it a title of a beautiful poem . A picture is worth a thousand words!! These are the words :)))))

  2. Dear Salman Thanks Im so glad that you took this photograph, the imagination and inspiration was already in your vision and mind and I just completed it with the language.
    Great work.

  3. Kucch to hawa bhi sard thi
    Kucch rang-e mah-o saal bhi

    Bahar jo nazar parri meri
    Kharri thi gaari laal bhi

  4. See I knew O P Nayyar couldn't have been silent after seen this Carriage standing like that !! There you go ;)

  5. Halke halke chalo sanware
    Pyaar ki sard hawaon mei
    Dil ko ye darr hai-
    kahan ka safar hai?

  6. "seeing" with the inner eye:)
    transforms everything, doesn't it?

    "There is an Ocean Within You
    Yet you go to the pond to fill your empty bucket
    Knock on your inner door
    There is no other."