Friday, February 18, 2011

Every evening 
I feel heavy,

the rain cries

as I cry- 
the clouds mark
the skies as dark
and so is my day-
and I ask myself-why?

My faith was so strong

where did I go wrong?
where did I err?
How much had I hurt -
I never knew
I never wanted to 
and never would
and I ask myself-how?
will I know

I am forgiven
when there is silence
no word spoken-
and I ask myself- how long?
how long to wait
three days in faith
are ordained and
and then I answer myself?
I am born 
to have no friends
I believe in one
and soon the line ends-
I am born 

   to be deeply sad

what have I done?
is it so bad?
and I ask myself-again
as I feel the pain
Is it all in vain?
where do I begin?

Life line is so thin
two worlds apart
with true feelings
how can I mend 
the broken heart-

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