Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Do I Heal ?

How to heal the wounds
I cannot see

How to ease away the pain
Felt so far away from me

How to stop the tears
Flowing like rivers to the sea

How to calm the shivers
Trembling like the leaves

How to soothe away the fears
In the mind so deep

How to touch the heart
With love to make it feel

How to grace the spirit
A form I cannot hold

My helplessness overtakes
I’m still silent and cold

But Hark, who goes there

A smile appears        
from nowhere,

Mona Lisa I forget
As I see I start to care
The wounds begin to heal
the heart begins to feel
the tears begin to cease
the fears begin to ease

I smile back and find
That to love heal and hold
One has to be bold,

Kindly forgiving in the heart
That’s the power
that keeps you warm  

And saves you always
from every harm.

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