Thursday, February 3, 2011

What are we, in Color

What are we in color blue yellow or black
pale brown or purple,
what are we in form ,tall small or short
big huge or fat,
what are we in mind, brave bold or angry
patient loving or mad
what are we in status, kings queens or pages
lords ladies or sages
what are we in real, soft tender and spiritual
dying eternally mortal.

why do we, then make, hate envy and war

why do we then, love and kindness ignore
why of all the prohibited we ask for more

why of Death and Heaven we are not sure.

Pompei Nagasaki Moenjodaro naming the few
Oblivious nations pleasure drenched who knew
Power pressure , public protests day by day new
War, war destruction, torture afresh, yet grew-

We are then, the same born in pain
We are then, the insane , of mind again

Are we the Ungrateful , in loss to remain?
Are we the Lost , Our Eden never to regain?

Let us turn before its too late
Let us learn and try to relate
Let Us think of The Almighty Great

Bow for forgiveness pray and meditate.
I can now see The prism , no color do I perceive
Up on the blue sky , the sun does not deceive
The real is dark , the immortal , white

With All the colors together ,
All Blessings I receive.