Friday, July 22, 2011

Ghazal 'No Idea ' in Response to WordGathering Tuesday Tryouts — Form: The Ghazal

                  No Idea

‘No idea how am I supposed to take it’
What is expected,how am I to make it?

I don’t know if it’s literal or figurative
I’ve never tried it before, cannot fake it.

I’ve never known anyone so , before
Its regard and love cannot mistake it

Who believes in sincere clear emotions
No time, forget it, its foolish,just shake it.

Life is full of blue wounds and heartaches
My heart bleeds; no more can one break it.

Stars give Light, but reflected from others
Firedrakes breathe it hot, cannot intake it,

Regret not, faces prepare to meet faces
It’s a matter of time, all will undertake it.

Will I ever meet a beloved fair, so rare
Impossible dream, fettered, lyke-wake it

So many die, so few honored, acclaimed
Love a many splendored thing, uptake it.

Of all good deeds do your best Anjum
Let not your spirit die, sing to it, wake it.

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