Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poem in Response to Brenda W's~ Wordle 16~Re-awakening !

conquering darkened conjured realms
Dutybound Sun rose in golden grandeur
letting its morning rays tenderly sweep
the vast expanses, kissing the rusty sleepy
walking species, crawling myriads,
to stretch and yawn, coaxing , probing
to a reawakening;

Like prophets spoke in gentle words
Like sea gulls sang as swinging birds
Like David's Psalms in rhythmic chords
Like sailboats entry in open fjords
Like lilting notes of Grecian flutes
Like clippety clops on cobbled routes
Like raindrops descent one by one
Like squirrels frolic just for fun
Like flowers dancing with the dew
receiving the warmth, lovingly begun,

Half the world in Happy Light
Half in pain, in torments swept

Remember the Tears when Angels wept?
Deep scars that thunder cleft?
Why so long
cemented in false beliefs
we have slept?
Rusted in sin I cried
and crept,
The Light has Come,
For I feel the Heat
that has touched my feet,
The Truth I accept!

must shake off my sleep
must take off my coat
must hear the final note-

Awake Arise or
Be Forever Fallen
The Bugle is Callin'
The Bugle is Callin'
Hurry hurry hurry,
Run run run,
Pray pray pray
One by one,
That's The Only Way!

Make for The Boat!
Make for The Boat!


  1. Respected Dr Aziz
    Thank you for the appreciation

  2. Anjum, Your faith shines through the lines of this poem. The list of similes you've created is rich with sound, and the rhyme flows beautifully. Thank you for your participation. I am happy that you found The Sunday Whirl. Your poetry is excellent.

  3. Dear Brenda
    I am honored by your appreciation.I'm happy and grateful to the Lord who guides me.I must remain humble and pray.Thank you.

  4. Excellent poem, Anjum - a clarion call to all to arise from our spiritual slumber. Loved the use of sound words and repetition to create rhythm.

  5. Thank You Traci I am deeply grateful for your understanding and appreciation. I feel encouraged to move on , in my mission for peace and tolerance for all.