Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem in Response to POETS UNITED~ The Think Tank~ 59~ GRASS

Thin grown ever green
lusciously fully nutritious
dancing away to soundless
sacred sweet symphonies
swaying sideways in
obedience to invisible
conducting synchronized
offering soft cool
overtures to burning soles
of injured souls,enriching
meadows to the core,
resistingly kissing the nibbling
advances of loving mammal

deserted desert       
dunes dream to possess, as
Ozmandias waits in stony silence, slithering snakes
undulatingly weave
their colors in the sand,

the deadlyPeregrine                                                              

Wave upon wave of green expanses,
jaded studded laid for romances
their sight asks for journeys,at times,  in trekking spaces
God grew it special, for special people,
in  special places.


  1. This one begs to be read aloud, sound as seductive as meaning. My favorite part:
    "offering soft cool
    overtures to burning soles
    of injured souls"

  2. Thank you Dr Susan for giving your precious moments to these lines..