Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poem in Response to W Brenda's~ Wordle 17~Invisible Stigmas~

Invisible stigmas received
painless peaceful reassuring
visions of the second coming?
lashing hanging stoning shooting
becoming-constant not sporadic-

Do ye remember the sleepers?
Or their people, cruelly punished
for  sedition, shown as enmeshed
violations of sacred pledges?finding
refuge in stony harbours,Caves of 
Sanctity, by Divine Keepers!

what is it that brews
in disturbed nether sedges?
Unholy evil withered edges
splattered with martyrs blood-
some to die,some to awaken
appear as the Truth Seekers!

what is it that hinders?
war struggle sacrifice
thousands, thronged offering
fresh blood, bodies to cinders,
treading on tremors
faith in sacred pledges
reduced to mere tufts of
dying hedges parched
forever plastered to 
silence supreme.

The heat  the floods  the quakes
Warnings Mother Earth Makes

What is it that still blinds our Faith?
I see I hear,  I Call, I Call I Call
O People , Listen Rise Awake
 My Spirit Cries, trembles, shakes!


  1. Wow! Very powerful use of the wordle words in this one, Anjum, and that last stanza, with the repetition of "I call," gives the feeling of rushing toward our final days - which we are. Well written.

  2. I agree with Traci, Anjum. This is powerful. My spirit shakes too, more so while I read these strong words. Well constructed. Brava!

  3. Oh Anjum-I am just writing piece which talks about an "uneasy buffer of blessings" that keeps my faith secure - but barely. You continue to write even through struggle. Your inspiration is a blessing to me.

    With each of your pieces your writing is strong and unflinching... "Faith in sacred pledges reduced to mere of dying hedges parched forever plastered to silence supreme." -

    Blessings - teri