Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poem on Independence or Destruction

My country was born on the 14th
they say for the sake of so many
my country was to be a safe haven
for peace and joy for so many,
but my country was broken soon
like the miracle of the moon
was seen by so many, but fell,
far away from the cocoon,so
born in blood , was cut by blood
shed by so many for so many;
what shall I pray what shall I wish
my people are hungry all so many
what shall I give away what shall I save
my people are naked beggars so many
what shall I plead what shall I teach
my people are ignorant all so many
today is my country's birthday again
I am in pain , no thoughts in my brain
I cry , my people are militants so many.


  1. Powerful poem. I find it very interesting reading poems from all over the world. Gives me an insight I would never have had. Thank you for posting this.