Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baker Street Inspirations~General Abbott's Discovery~ Abbottabad

Abbottabad we love you
What you were in the 1960s
With all your beauty and grace
You are our home and place

Abbottabad we love you
As General James Abbott did
when he first saw you green
and wooded, cool hilly space;

The last five miles are
winding winding ways,
the bus turns the corners,
I remember the winter days,

Home, home on the range
autumnal grandeur of apeles
Before you know…..
the town itself  reveals,

At its own, the evergreen stature,
The Spiritual Presence of Nature
Majestic melodious mountains,
Of The Highlanders Stature

February is fresh as May
Springs apple blossoms call,
snowflakes greet you,
vanishing, as they fall;

 Serenity intense,
 nature crisp and pure
 beauteous and fresh
 White and sure;

Oh! Let me feast my eyes
On the beauty of my town,
Breathe the sweet smell of pine,
Home for many, not alone mine.

Oh! Let me live the truthful
moments while they are there.
let the freshness creep
into my soul, while I'm here.


  1. Is this the same Abbottabad that has now become famous? What an absolutely lovely place and such a beautiful poem. This is what I'll remember instead.

  2. Yes, Barbara and Nancy, it is my hometown, my three childrens birthplace.It was established by Gen.James Abbott (First Commissioner to serve in this region in the time of the British Rule)so named after him. Its a Hill Station cool and peaceful.

  3. A great ode to Abbottabad.