Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baker Street Inspirations~Ode To Nottingham~

Nottingham I admire thee
With misty milky moody morns
Azure autumnal graces
November nights and lunar lights
Drenching the silent chocolate rooftops
 in silver spaces
Twinkling torches filling the valley
Steadfast soldiers of peace
With the ‘Ye Olde Inns and Laces
Castles and medieval places
Nottingham I admire Thee
Nottingham I admire thy
passively aggressive antiquity
Thy mingling mighty majesty in modernity
Dare defying love of Humanism
Oh Nottingham keeper of culture and traditions
Knowledge wisdom and superstitions
Where myths ghosts and mysteries are understood
                                       Ah still so solid Robin Hood
When war is Life and terror emotions
I find thee peaceful with people of many nations
Nottingham I admire Thee;
Nottingham I admire Thee,
       For the heart of a city must have a reason
    Though winds may blow in cold sweetness
             There maybe dichotomy of weather in every season
Learning courage and strength abide
When ministers of death in terror plunder the world
Royalty nobility chivalry are shaken
Walking through parks or old cobbled streets
I am not mistaken a whisper of Byron and Lawrence I hear
Amongst tinkling merry making ;
 in silence spoken;
Nottingham I admire Thee;

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