Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Burning on ice, an eternal flame...

Destiny is in the name
For all the stars its the same

In boundless blackness floating
Millions of light years apart;
Its Creation who is to blame?
Destined for solitary wandering
Burning on ice, an eternal flame...
Time will be peace,
Freedom? Death will claim.
Oblivion Will will prevail.
.Innocent love
surrender to the spirit; end of pain
to the soul; Who to love is blind is
not sane. Truthful trust slain-
What is reality? When
Life is a game,
played by all the same,
Destiny of a star
To break and fall to
the depths unknown
In vast distances remain;
Is Gods creation in vain?


  1. brilliant,
    your words choices are superb.

  2. I don't think it's in vain at all. I think it's about the way we deal with the chaos.

    My entry:

  3. very strong word choice you did a brilliant job on this one

  4. Cello Strings, Charlesmashburn,Morning,Anne Lefore
    Thank You For visiting and appreciating the poetry expressions.Deeply grateful to my friends.