Tuesday, September 20, 2011

POEM in Response to Jingle Poetry at the Gooseberry Garden~ POETRY PICNIC WK 5 : Object~ The Mobile Connector

Creating connections, celestially,
In  mists storms or rain
does soothe away the pain,
no spaces in distances remain.
 like the light winged Dryad,
make the communicative melody,
O’ for the Sound of Linkage,
In the New Age,
opening magic casements,
orange, gold ,blue, and black 
I stay in touch, with my family
I am free I am at  ease,
 what numbers are these,
what Attic shapes!
I hear melodies so sweet
what chimes do jingle,
what messages they bring
what numbness they tingle!
what flashes do twinkle
the bell rings the call in
   So,let the communication begin!
As comforts sets in, connections sing
 the best of things for
pedagogy equality fraternity,
 the most sought for
 The connector of community!


  1. enjoyed it, my friend.

    very well done.

  2. Aslam'o Alikum mam.you wrote a beautiful poem.uou selected the picture wisely,its beautiful

  3. I thought I had commented on this already, but don't see it. A very nice poem that goes well with the picture.

  4. Yes let the communication begin this is so important and your poem is very beautiful and so well done

  5. nice! my thursday..