Sunday, September 4, 2011

Poem in Response to W Brenda's Wordle ~20~Once in Grand Glory~

Alas! Humans, in hordes crawling
wither blooming feminine grace?
shrinking quivering falling,
Once in  Grand Glory sat
studded on the Golder Bar
Queens of Pharoahs Empires
basking in beauteous molds, apalling!
bedecked bejeweled  beguiling!

What pleasures racked royalty down?
What pride fast crumbled the Crown? 
What goofs cast the palls so brown?
What birdlike ignorance feigned around?
pallid looks of long faces stare
at distant fires raging in towns
on and on and on to no end
grinning red is the fierce fiend
'Ah See it is I , who is the friend'
'Who will save you, you are hitched'
You believed ' now you're ditched'

Crawling kneeling half rising up
they repented cried and  prayed
in this posture for hours they stayed
knowing the Truth and  Mercy in pain
The Lord heard them and sent down rain.

Oh Women Remember Ye Forever
The Lepers of the Land, Forget never,
Repentence Prayers The Lord Listens
Turn to Him!  Surely He Forgives all sins.


  1. Anjum, this is glorious piece.. that ends with hope in the rain. Your words are strong...there is an intensity within them. Well constructed.

  2. Thank You I am deeply grateful for your appreciation.