Monday, September 26, 2011

Poem in Response to~POETRY PICNIC WK 6 ~ Stories from Mythology, Culture and of life~ 'Your Letter Reminds Me That~

Promises on paper traced forever once written cannot be erased but silently staring nowhere quietly unmoving yet sharing words that remain in the air and everywhere, for I hear them in happiness and in pain and see them again and again telling me the time and love with which you wrote each line while I waited to hold the precious paper-but then…I remembered the Prophesy,' a young doctor will appear in the neighbourhood and will visit you with a paper and pen, there may be another need so be prepared''
A white flying Alto
and a smiling face
beckoned me to follow
and I did with grace
soon the Welkins
showered their rage
and the Lions were let
loose from the cage
I looked up and appealed
to Aolus for help
please calm the cumulus
I am so in stress
I unaware of the many odds
heard Poseidon say
'Man is nothing without the Gods'
I fell on the sands
and joined my hands
Pray accept my sacrifice
and release me from this strife'
As ever the Heavens
heard my plea
welkins cleared and
calm was the sea
and I thanked the Almighty
for the Kindness and Mercy
Suddenly there rose from
the deep ocean
a huge nine headed serpent
with a terrifying motion
blew a set of papers
and a box of pens
swiftly as he came swiftly
below the surface of
the waters he went,
and then I knew
the prophesy had come true
this was a gift
to 'write  a reply'
from 'A Letter' from You''
I am thinking on what 'you wrote'
a discovery, a peripity
for us writers poets and all
Fate and Destiny are ordained
We need to be ready
To Rise or Face the Eventual Fall.

your letter reminds me that
things were different in life
full of struggle and strife
for you the aims were no less
than Royalty or  a Princess,

Your letter reminds me
Of age and infirmity
Of limits bonds and fraternity
But you were full of rigidity
and fear always baseless,
you thought life
would become a mess,

your letter reminds me that
friends should be the same age
otherwise life becomes a cage
and problems increase, at times
leading to disease and pain,

your letter reminds me that I
made a mistake and did not take
time to judge and break
Of walls doors locks
and security,
and last of all

your letter reminds me that
you do care in the world
for those who wish you well
But if I am one of them
Your letter does not tell,

All I know
now since long we have not written
time and duty has kept this hidden
how paper and pen can keep together
the love and spirit between friends
and keep the link at both the ends.


  1. this is such a lovely read/write.
    i love long poems, even though theyre a little bit time consuming to write and read...

    and thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting =)

  2. This is splendid stuff - I'm going to have to come back for a more leisurely read. Congratulations!

  3. Long poems usually lose me, but this one seems to gain momentum as it goes. Nice write!
    Speaking of long poems, I hope you like this one:

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  5. wow.

    you are so creative.

    animals, unexpected rages, and more.

    perfectly fitting entry.
    love it.

  6. hi mam its sunny.your writing is like a sun with shining rays

  7. very impressive.

    I have given your entry a honorable mention for week 6, thanks for the support.

  8. very impressive.

    I have given your entry a honorable mention for week 6, thanks for the support.

  9. Outstanding .. a very nice write on the prompt.
    Congratulations of the Honroable Mention.