Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trying to Write a Literary Poem...

How to write a literary poem
that is the question roaming in
my mind -
how to be kind
how to be polite
how to show respect
how to ignore neglect
how to be silent
not to be violent
not to run about
speak less and slowly
not to shout or be loud
all my life these lessons
we learnt and wrote
I have so many words to quote
but what I see and hear around
is not a bit like it was supposed
to 'be' and ''sound'

What I now hear and learn
see all over, the missing 'L'
or the missing 'O'
'Hello became 'HELL'
and how did 'LEARN' become '-EARN
These questions roaming in my mind

causing anxiety stress anxiety deep
how do we then our literary treasures keep
how many poets how many writers?
what are they writing and who is reading?
so many websites so many sites
so many words that continue to excite
what makes a writeup literary we need to know
history politics religion culture economics
all the five of the ''age'' should show
Hear Ye Poets Writers Authors Critics All
I Teach Poetry, if I write it , it will be on The Wall!


  1. you made it perfectly cool.
    keep up the excellence.

    share with us if you could.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. this is so well done and so happy you shared happy rally

  3. You raised some good questions and even now I'm having to sit back and think about it... Good poetry makes people think. Good job.

  4. Tenraikenshin
    Ann Lefore
    Promising Poets

    Thank you friends, I am honored and greatly encouraged.

  5. hello mam.Its nice to read you.You are such an honour for our country(Pakistan.I recently joined you.keep it up.

  6. Thank You Sunny You have greatly encouraged me.Keep visiting and share with your friends.