Monday, September 5, 2011

Visions of The 14th Century ~This was the way to go~

It did not look like
the 'road not taken'
nor did it seem untrodden
though silently deserted,
cranky voices of travellers
mumbling, walking slowly,
some with sticks
some with bags
clothes tattered, soiled like rags
what wanderers, gypsies
or knights are these, perhaps
disguised, going where?
to unknown inns and places,
who will find the real traces
of cart and carriage wheels
dug deep ruts in mud and mire,
who will know Ye Olde Captain
smelling of rum and whiskey?
in strange attire-patriotic spirit afire
what sweet whistles and jingles
of keys and songs are these?
what rustling of maps and tinkles
of coins, of silver and gold
dusty and crumpled but preciously
held, as sonorously they stumble-
forward determined, some on horses,
lamblers, no racers, no hurry no worry,
they move and giggle n grumple,
no heroic braves may know
this was the way to go-
now all is quiet, steeped
in solitude, fresh and green
the scene changed from seen
to unseen, was this the road
that saw ten thousand men?
who brought grand glory
to Ye Olde England!

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