Friday, October 14, 2011

In Response to~Sepia-Saturday-96-Saturday-15th-October 2011

Post 1948 Kashmir StateWar
This is the Official Residence Backyard
of the 2nd in Command Officer of the
Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi
Pakistan-the newly Independent State
Migrating from Kashmir,land property was
lost but not the culture and traditions
Kashmiri Meal 'WAZWAAN ' is being prepared here.
The meat is beaten till white, curd is commonly used
mostly meat dishes with boiled rice are enjoyed 
The Year is 1956


  1. That is an interesting image and perfect for the theme.

  2. This really made me think about displaced cultures globally and how they take their traditions with them - and how the culture lives on through them though they may be in a foreign land.

  3. Oh this is a perfect fit for Alan's theme, very nicely done! great photo too!

  4. What a fascinating array of pots!

  5. Sounds better that the rations I had to eat in the Army cookhouse. Bang on theme.

  6. A nice window to Kashmiri culture and tradition.

  7. I love learning more about all parts of the world through the various Sepia Saturday posts. This is an excellent one and spot-on the theme! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like the sound of Wazwaan and wish I could be eating it this minute. :)

  9. I Thank All my friends for their visits and lovely comments.