Friday, November 4, 2011

Going Back in Time

when fuel is short
and dry are the streams
the farmer with his horse
and plough is back
in the fields
the backbone of the people
he is following his dreams
or so it seems
going back in time
working coping hoping
amidst blasts and screams

Farmer Farmer get some coal
if you want your crop
and reach your goal

Farmer farmer get your horse
for salvation For The Cross
Farmer Farmer get your plough
Lets work and fulfill our vow'


  1. Aslam o Alikum mam,the post is amazing.

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  3. if my poetry has reminded you of your poem, i think that is a huge compliment for me in the purest way.thank you so much.May god bless you as well.I dont write much into the blog you've chosen to follow.I'm more into writing in my Poetry blog.My web icon here will lead you to it.its Chapters of a song. :)

  4. Such a stark poem of hard times, but it still holds hope and an unrelenting spirit.