Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In Response to Bluebells~Short Story Slam Week 15~ Changes Tell Us The Time~

Changes Tell Us the Time
 years that passed,
 months that were happy and decent,
 days we believe were recent
moments sad and terrifying;
Changes Tell Us the Time –
So much is lost- which I called mine;
 laughter, giggles and  shrieks-
 silent heads down and 'stand in line',
 innocent pensive silences,
 standing and talking against fences,
Changes Tell Us the Time,
In moments captured in pictures,
outlook fronts and fixtures
black and white color mixtures,
Changes Tell Us the Time
AH Changes tell us the innocent
unknowing mistakes we made
How much a symbol inspired
caused pain in the shade?
Changes Tell Us- Its Time,
Age, Beauty that must fade
Earth dug and ready 
where bodies must be laid,
Ah Innocent One, cut me no more
 for I bleed inside
For my errors and sins,
 I am paying and  have paid.


  1. you are so speedy,

    it is about changes indeed, well penned.


  2. Beautiful write. I can relate to it very well. Nicely done!

  3. WOW!!! You captured our lives in just a few words.

  4. Dear Orange Tree, Marbles in My Pocket& Gigi Thank you

  5. For my errors and sins,
    I am paying and have paid.

    Nice ending!

  6. This says it all. Beautifully written

  7. Great job--thank you for sharing. Changes tell us the time, what we've lost--and perhaps, if we're wise, also what we've gained.

  8. Great job. Practical, with thought provoking sentiments.

  9. This is so very true... and very well written :-)