Sunday, November 6, 2011

Poem In Response to Brenda's Wordle~29~ Delirious Horror~

    A piercing strident scream
blasted the  glass 
of the vaulted dome
drops of dark crimson blood dappled
the coloured window panes
thousand glittering cutting pieces
scattered jewel like
on the shining marble floor
pitching  delirious horror
into pleated mental frames
panic emitted further moans
and heavy sonorous groans
futile were the efforts to
cover the sorrowful sinful shames
repetitively ignited burning air
seeming to cool yet sizzling again
kept the agony eternal, in pain
Who to Call? 
Who to blame?
Who will help?
when words fail?
Who will hold the Holy Grail?
All Time Gone, with a swish
Suffering may go, if you truly wish
Be honest be good
Leave the shell
Walk Straight,away from Hell.

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