Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Poem In Response to The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week ~12~ I Never Wanted to Leave You

This Week, Gooseberry Garden asks all writers to handle cases on Feathers, Fidelity, Figment, and Fables, to write about how they position and add light to our  lives.My lessons in life have been different, man learnt the first lesson from the crow saw how to dig and throw but never learnt respect and the grace of humility and led all mankind to lose the essence of the Supreme Creation

I never Wanted to Leave You

In all my education
I  learnt many things
maps  drawings  and readings
but I never learned the art

 of communication,

I never wanted to leave you
I wanted to say -
but I ended by saying
I don’t want to stay;

I never wanted to leave you, so

I wrote many letters
I gave you envelopes and papers
I gave you pens pencils and erasers
I could have said ‘ I need an answer’
You did write-a detailed in the box

note a ‘Thank You’
But kept it all with you,and even then
I never wanted to leave you.

I ordered  a special pizza
and shared your favorite Pepsi
and told you of my deep affection
But I got to hear ‘you have an infection”
still I never wanted to leave you.

Oh Dear I am a committed person
so many patients  wait in emergency
I need to sleep sleep and sleep
how can I all the promises keep?

Why do you say all this about affection
why do you even send me gifts
why do you wish to see
a small simple person like me?
Oh here is the miscalculation

Now I think I may leave you;

we the semi educated wonderful nation
take all affection as the result of addiction
and I just say that it is there
without the art of communication
'I never wanted to leave you.
I could have said that without hesitation…


  1. Well done. I wonder why we don't always say what we mean?

  2. Thank You Morning Thingy Sunny, deeply grateful for encouraging and appreciating.

  3. Dear Promising poets Parking Lot
    Thank you so much.I know this is not my best effort, will try to do better next time.Thanks for the great encouragement.

  4. This is a most intriguing poem Anjum- I may not understand wholly the ins and outs of this poem - but I do hear a voice that was torn by unspoken thoughts. The line the hit my heart was-

    "I never wanted to leave you, I wanted to say -but I ended by saying, I don’t want to stay"