Saturday, December 24, 2011

Agreement for Thursday Poets Rally Week 58~I Will Keep Calling~

Thank You Thursday Poets Rally for The Perfect Poet Award Week 58
I nominate  Poet:  Charlie Parant for a Poetry Award

I will keep calling as
raindrops  keep falling
you may pose ignorance
a dance in oblivion
a portrait , Promethean
Metamorphosis crawling,
An Odyssey of pride,
 the hearts deep recesses
 beauty’s sweet tresses
A love deep inside
Will only be restless
But with patience abide,
A time of Blessing
Snow keeps falling
Bells keep calling
Our Saviour is Alive!
Eyes cannot hide
The task Herculean,
Lo The Star descends
 affection transcends
With peaceful Love
And  reaches beside.


  1. Merry Christmas,
    Thanks for serving Jingle Poetry Community,
    Stay Blessed,
    Have fun!

    Come to our week 19 poetry picnic today, have fun sharing.

  2. Wow, very emotional. I really liked this poem!

    -Erick F.