Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Response to Jingle Poetry~ Picnic Week 17:Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families

Just Yesterday
It seems in  memories
we read about the Great Flood

Just Yesterday
We heard stories
Of the killing and the flowing blood

Just yesterday
we suffered and tread
And crossed borders through ‘The Great Divide

Just yesterday
We played ‘touch the tree’
hopscotch marbles seek and hide

Just Yesterday
We drove around in
Chevrolet s Fiats with Jeeps beside

Just yesterday
we spent warm afternoons
lazing and building castles in the sand

Just yesterday
running for the ice lolly
at the tapping of the Cart man's hand

Today I look at
Photographs reflecting memories
Of moments good and bad

Today young or old
Memories happy and sad
In  photographs are all we hold.

Just Happiness or sorrow
Who knows tomorrow
So I tear and pile up
Heaps of paper, to be sold.