Monday, December 5, 2011

In Response to~Gooseberry~Jingle~ Poetry Picnic~Week~16~ My Life~

A born refugee, I am told-
I crossed barbed wires to a new land;
It was a divided nation  an unstable station
for some time there was,  celebration;
but soon there was all, devastation
loneliness parting degradation.
I crossed other barriers,
I tried to make another home
I thought I was free-
I struggled through invisible fires,
I slipped on mud and mires
My faith only, kept me strong
Oh where do I belong?
My body will be dust my soul will fly
Will my Story find , a respectable publication?
'Oh Elementary My Dear Watson'
You should know the clue to the destination'
'It is all so simple-there is the solution
Lets leave the rest to someone else,
'Tis fate n' Joy,  let there be  Jingle' 'n jubilation'
To The Lovely  Gooseberry Garden,  is my dedication'


  1. love the uplifting spirits here, well done.


  2. Your story is so moving...I struggled through invisible fires...what a powerful line

  3. Wonderful write. A well told story!

  4. great story,love the spirit in telling it

  5. I wish I could produce poetry on demand like that, specifically for this-or-that occasion! It's remarkable to be able to say "OK, I'm writing htis poem specifically for Gooseberry Garden" and then just doing it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank You Melissa, I believe if one keeps reading writing and teaching poetry,the words do flow with the theme, some poems become adaptable and just fit in naturally because the topics are universal.

  7. Beautiful poetry , i hear you are a relative KH khurshid sahab , would love to know where you live these days and would like to tell you that he is one of my favorite kashmir personalities , maybe the world may have forgotten KH khurshid sahab but his legacy and personality lives on in azad kashmir especially Muzaffarabad.

    1. Thank you Hamad yes KHKhurshid was my father's younger brother-I live in Pindi