Sunday, January 29, 2012

~Nature Takes Care~

For days and months
 I  sit and watch
for hours on end
 receive with happiness
what Nature does send
 birds on the trees
singing with the breeze
or silently praying
while I shivered and sneezed
but again the clouds would stay
and I would know the rain will pray
take away the sadness and the pain
and then let the sun shine
all the way
Life is in the clouds
in the skies
if we turn our eyes
and hearts and listen
we would know
there's no one else
no place to go
Nature is The One
The Truth 
I Share
Nature loves 
Nature Takes Care

Friday, January 27, 2012

In Response to Bluebellbooks, Short-Story-Slam-Week-19~ The Growth of Life~

Branches bare yet full of care shelter and love
Blessings from above, I see The Light, so bright
cannot raise my eyes, The Heart Red with Pure Blood
The Raised Hand and comforting smile
so near my spirit that it cries, 
with gratitude and prayer, a miracle for me,so rare;
its not a dark empty growth,apparently
symbolizing dearth of Hope,
fullness of hunger solitude and strife
but a growth evergreen as birds approach
and sing delighted, at the crimson décor
it is a sign of Justice Purity and Life
From The Chosen to The Chosen
who bows and must bend,and who prays
Blessed under The Tree of Life, stays
This is Faith,This is The End
This is The Real Christmas, always.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grateful To The Most Gracious

Raindrops made the day 
moist and soft
the dust smelt sweet
as the drops merged and seeped
and I with Nature felt one
though the clouds covered the sun
Lost in time as came the Call
Allah sent His Blessings, All
No Asking, just praying
Outside it was cold
the car was warm
the drive, silent
a drive in the rain
there was no pain
Mercy Showered with 
Rainy Showers
OH People Be With,Pray to
Praise None but, 
The Supreme Powers
Love Abounds in Him 
for His Own
He shows and has shown

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Response to~Gooseberrygoespoetic.~Poetry-Picnic-week-21-childrens-stories~The Miniature Teachers

Perceive the ants
Toiling hard
Constantly collecting countless
Grains inside the Earth
Crawling in line,
Oblivious of time
Fearless of being crushed
Treading unawares,
Little creatures greatly great.
Presenting a lesson 
Of unity and discipline.
Engrossed in their work,
duty they do not shirk.
If so little an insect
Can be so perfect,
I regret so say, that man
Has still a lot to learn To earn,
to live,
 to give and grant
To work and work like...
The little Great Ants.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Response to~Poets Rally Week 59 Perfect Poet Award~ Amidst Faith and Fear ~

Dear All at  Poets Rally 
Thank you very much for the Perfect Poet Award Week 59-Deeply Grateful for this Recognition 
 I nominate: Poet- Shoeless 

Year after year
amid faith and fear
moments of loneliness
have been
have seen
time roll on
like I see the sun
go down like yesterday
I watch and pray
'Oh Please don't play
nor hide behind the trees
but its OK for I feel
the breeze 
You have to go
and come again
with bright sunshine
not with pain
and I say 'day after day'
where is my loneliness?
It was a thought 
as I foolishly sought
someone never to come
I know now, its not anyone
but the Light and the Sun.' 
It has come
It will come'