Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Response to~Poets Rally Week 59 Perfect Poet Award~ Amidst Faith and Fear ~

Dear All at  Poets Rally 
Thank you very much for the Perfect Poet Award Week 59-Deeply Grateful for this Recognition 
 I nominate: Poet- Shoeless 

Year after year
amid faith and fear
moments of loneliness
have been
have seen
time roll on
like I see the sun
go down like yesterday
I watch and pray
'Oh Please don't play
nor hide behind the trees
but its OK for I feel
the breeze 
You have to go
and come again
with bright sunshine
not with pain
and I say 'day after day'
where is my loneliness?
It was a thought 
as I foolishly sought
someone never to come
I know now, its not anyone
but the Light and the Sun.' 
It has come
It will come'

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  1. Very interesting writings! I will be staying in touch :)