Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Response to~Gooseberrygoespoetic.~Poetry-Picnic-week-21-childrens-stories~The Miniature Teachers

Perceive the ants
Toiling hard
Constantly collecting countless
Grains inside the Earth
Crawling in line,
Oblivious of time
Fearless of being crushed
Treading unawares,
Little creatures greatly great.
Presenting a lesson 
Of unity and discipline.
Engrossed in their work,
duty they do not shirk.
If so little an insect
Can be so perfect,
I regret so say, that man
Has still a lot to learn To earn,
to live,
 to give and grant
To work and work like...
The little Great Ants.


  1. work like ants, lovely concept.

  2. I agree! We could/can learn a lot from the tiny ant!

  3. Toiling calmly,to wait while pressing forward. Breathing in to exhale.