Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thursday-Poets-Rally-Week-62-Perfect Poet Award~When Blessed By Freedom~

Thank You, Hyde Park Poetry,
 Thursday Poets Rally for this Wonderful Surprise Award

When Blessed By Freedom
I am beside you once again
Now be it sun storm or rain,
Sorrow and fear are afar,
Happiness floods me gone is the pain
Of loneliness, peaceful is the soul;
With chains of captivity broken at last
How wonderful and precious it feels
The sweet breath of freedom;
Home again, among love and care
Ah! Home is something very rare!
In Gratitude  
I bow down low,
Bless me OH Lord! to You I pray,
Give me courage to defend my land
If need arises-any day.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poem in Response to Brenda's Wordle ~45~ Heed Not The Drowsy Murmur~

Half covered, half numb, their senses cemented
shaking revealing rhythming away the darkness    
amid subdued lights,
drinks drugs and dance,never cumbersome
straying attraction  entranced
love of all love controls the sights.

It is better to rest to sleep to pray
It is better to thank to weep, to stay

Heed not the drowsy murmur of the bees      
Be not lost in the  honeyed ease
Come find your way on the map
hold it firm on your lap
Time...there is not much water
in the tap...
Birds of Mecca pelted pebbles
from the sky
Reluctant are only the disbelievers
Loss is for the 'all deceivers'

Prayer is better than sleep
Prayer is better than sleep

We all know about the flowers and fire
We all know how to heaven the good went
We know of locusts blood and the flood
But Beware of the dense visible smoke'
Which will be sent forth from the sky'
A painful torment from up high...

It is better to cover to help to give
Stay alive, for 'others', we need to live'

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love Trees and Be Wise

Trees have grown green and tall
Whether in winter or in Fall
Trees have given shade
in heat cold and made shadows
for weary walkers, tired talkers silent stalkers,
 ere they may go 'Right'
Trees like the Oak have shown 'integrity
like so many have proven Truth and purity
Trees have been the house of Nature
for enlightenment and wisdom-
Let us Love Trees and Be Wise 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Poem in Response to ~ Brenda's Wordle 44~ 'Not Just to Whisper but to ~

I, desperately need my Muse
'not just to whisper, but to whistle and 
blow loud and clear
to unhook the verbal straps
to ease the spiritual restlessness
to restore the temporal and celestial balance
to scorch away diablerie ghosts
nestling secretly in smudgy shadowy corners
seeping into the sleeping literary sores
causing bizarre blisters burning away
cognitive energies
Oh Muse! I know You will
not desert me'
I wait for You to illumine
what in me became dark
Please restore the effulgence'

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Sky is Never Engaged

The sky is never engaged
in battle not does it itself
cause a rattle
its blue for visions 
of light and dark
for the secret nights;
The sky is never engaged
but shines in gold
the angry clouds enraged
make it overcast and cold
The sky is never engaged
in war nor bombs it hurls
but sprinkles the darkness
with stars and shiny pearls.


Friday, February 10, 2012

In Response to Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week~ 25 ~To War-or Not To War

A war so far a war on a star,
A war on sand a war on land
Detonating deafening deadening
Defending destructing defying Death;
   War on Terror, war by error?
   War for the spoils, war for the Oil?
   War on the Young, war by the Young,
   Hopeless, groundless, Timeless war;
A war by the armed, on the unarmed
A War by the strong, on the weak throng
A War by Dress  A War of stress
A War of Mess by the Thoughtless;
    War against Fire
    War to spend. War to an end
  War against Age War by Rage;
                  A War on a stage  A War in a cage
A War of words
A War with swords
  What Man is warring in or warring out?
    Laying hiding killing mines,
    Building and crushing walls and bridges,
    Filling moats or filling ditches,
I have heard cries of Enchained spirits
Bodies writhing torn raped, illicit,

NO MORE WAR is the call, PEACE is the Vision
NO MORE Destroying, desecrating devastating
A War within a War
Senseless, fenceless, meaningless,
Time to End Deifying WAR;
Time to End Unjust War.