Sunday, February 19, 2012

Poem in Response to ~ Brenda's Wordle 44~ 'Not Just to Whisper but to ~

I, desperately need my Muse
'not just to whisper, but to whistle and 
blow loud and clear
to unhook the verbal straps
to ease the spiritual restlessness
to restore the temporal and celestial balance
to scorch away diablerie ghosts
nestling secretly in smudgy shadowy corners
seeping into the sleeping literary sores
causing bizarre blisters burning away
cognitive energies
Oh Muse! I know You will
not desert me'
I wait for You to illumine
what in me became dark
Please restore the effulgence'


  1. May your muse speak kindly to you every day! Cheers ~J

  2. I love this anjum! It appears as if your muse has awakened. I love "literary sores."

  3. Anjum- you have need to recover-the words will come. No the words have come. Blessings-