Saturday, March 24, 2012

Poem in Response to Brenda's Wordle~48~Carried By The Unseen Hand~

Inherent in mankind
Ranks of status
drives of excellence
Qualities classic of 
song  drama and dance.

Proven by sources previous
In celestial spheres
in jewels universal
in spaces eternal 
Carried by The Unseen Hand!

To gardens glorious of 
olives figs and grapes beyond 
limits of unimaginable beauty 
and sweetness enhanced
with no lurking fer-de-lance!

No less Grace on Earth, bestowed,
Delivered with Love,gestured and 
touched for Faith , followed in grandeur
through hallways elegantly aglow!
Yet, Alas, why for Truthful belief
Mankind is found in grave doubt
uncertain, deceptive and slow'

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poem in Response to~ JP AT Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week~27~ Longing to Go on a Long Overdue Vacation~

THANK YOU  for The Wonderful Award~
        Thursday Poets Rally at Hyde Park, Chicago, London, and New York City

Long Overdue Vacation

A glimpse of vernation on the 
Majestic Mountains of Kashmir
Lost beauty in migration
years of frustration,natives
enchained, free foreign visitations.
Forever under dictation,yeationt
Hopes alive for salvation
Longing to go on a Long overdue Vacation!
Should it be Prague, the historical pearl
of Europe or Literary Lovely Denmark?
Still quite puzzled on selecting the destination'
confinedsubjugation,enough affectation
depressing deprivation, meaningless preoccupation
Time for a disassociated retaliation
Ah Longing to go on a Long overdue Vacation'
Oh! Forget electricity failures, fluctuation
Ignore haunting frightening invultuation
'Let's quickly decide and finalize the location
Before it's too difficult, too late, too dark
It should be without any doubt'
Olive Garden Poetry Palace and Hyde Park'

Friday, March 9, 2012

~Brightest Power ~

Brightest Power
Shines Through
Blessings Shower
Pure and True
Look Up
never forget
HE is to Be Praised
HE made you
gave you
bade you
saved you
And will
Always Love You
See The Light
Pray All Night

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poem in Response 6~Listen,Go and Sin No More'~.

If Love and peace would prevail
in this world full of beating hearts
warm feelings filling the eyes
with tenderness pouring from the skies
who would ever think of committing
a sin, 
not one nor two nor seven,
All would be in
for Heaven
The Earth grows green gold
sweet honey abounds
even if we eat it all still
there is more and more
till the winter and the Fall
So let not anger envy or pride
make us greedy slow and hide 
all good behind lust
for dust we are and 
shall return to dust
So all these sins seven
can be conquered by eleven
Let us remember
 That which  will raise our score
The Laws of The Almighty, 
Words of Our Dear Lord-
'Listen, Pray, Go and sin no more'