Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poem in Response to~ JP AT Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week~27~ Longing to Go on a Long Overdue Vacation~

THANK YOU  for The Wonderful Award~
        Thursday Poets Rally at Hyde Park, Chicago, London, and New York City

Long Overdue Vacation

A glimpse of vernation on the 
Majestic Mountains of Kashmir
Lost beauty in migration
years of frustration,natives
enchained, free foreign visitations.
Forever under dictation,yeationt
Hopes alive for salvation
Longing to go on a Long overdue Vacation!
Should it be Prague, the historical pearl
of Europe or Literary Lovely Denmark?
Still quite puzzled on selecting the destination'
confinedsubjugation,enough affectation
depressing deprivation, meaningless preoccupation
Time for a disassociated retaliation
Ah Longing to go on a Long overdue Vacation'
Oh! Forget electricity failures, fluctuation
Ignore haunting frightening invultuation
'Let's quickly decide and finalize the location
Before it's too difficult, too late, too dark
It should be without any doubt'
Olive Garden Poetry Palace and Hyde Park'


  1. Your longing amongst this almost lightly written piece, comes through loud and clear.

  2. yes Teri we have very minor wishes , some are just thoughts that fly in the air and we know they cannot be fulfilled.In our native language Urdu we call this 'Khyaali pulao' meaning' 'imaginary rice/cooking'-'khyaal means 'idea or thought and 'pulao'means rice'...I know I can't go to NY but at least I can write and make some feel happy'

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