Saturday, April 7, 2012

~ Neglected Load Carrier ~

Lately I have been thinking
about the precious one
load carrier for everyone
how it is laughed at
and mocked and made fun
of, pushed and shooed away;

how they starve 
how they trod
how they pull
whether its a kilo
or whether its a ton;

Lately I have been thinking
of those in Texas
going astray
seeking food
in hungry mood
they wander around
parched, they bray

I am now thinking if I had a farm
I would bring them all here
feed them and keep them warm
 they are free to roam chew the food
left and thrown everywhere
they can bray and plod and hob
they will be busy 
and not out of a job

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  1. Thank You Zongrik and Dysfunctional-
    Comments by Zongrik
    thanks you so much for this animal rights poem. donkeys are so cute and so poorly treated throughout the world. we need more voice such as yours.