Saturday, March 29, 2014

For Poets United ~ I Wish I'd Written This ~ Does Age Matter?

And I believed in you because
I loved you
as a charming human being
Knowledgeable attractive witty and quick
And I tried to bear with your weaknesses
Because we all have them and impress

And I believed in you because
I wanted to
For I could see the tremendous potential
In you as a creative enthusiastic loveable
Charming personality that
 The Almighty
Had made you.

And I believed you
That you knew so much more
than me
You could drive the car so perfectly
And examine the patients
 so expertly
as your learning taught you.

And I believed you that you would share
With me all
That I wanted to tell you
That I wanted you to learn
You could do so much more
In your profession

And I believed you when you said
I always say’ Help yourself’
And you planned your time
And tried to read every book
that came your way

and after meeting you I had hopes of
reviving my shattered faith and trust
In relationships
And I loved you because
I believed we could make it together
I gave you all the chance
And I  am still hopeful

That despite our age difference
We can still be happy with each other
And share  care and learning and achievements
And I am sure it will be so
Because I believe in You.

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