Thursday, March 27, 2014

For Poets United ~Midweek Motif ~ In Two or More Languages

Fashions in Language 

To be or not to be
'afashioned' in style and stand
to be grand or be appreciated by all in the land;
but who am I who will tell or know....
till I join the band or should I?
that is the will the country know that
there are more people talented than meets the eye
there is another story to tell than the 'Love’s One'
there are some who serve and are thrown out
Hey, `You just leave`...what politeness what care
..but He is The Boss! So He can say;
But let not the Laws unjust unfair put you down
Move on!  The Earth is all green blue and a bit brown;
And there are fashions all around…I would say
Fashions in Gab
Fashions in Nab
Fashions in Dab
But most of All the Fashion in Language left me stabbed;
I am now from Madam Anjum Dar to M A D
(abbreviations of my name on one of my student’s assignment)

O’ to teach a language from native to the first
English is in Urdu  rather in Punjabi from Punjab
Milton says that ‘Eve offered the apple to Adam
Ve te fer kha lae ki karna ay gham, O Adam’
(so eat it then and why worry about it)
And so the teacher taught
Eve naik bakhte tu kehni ain te kha lene aan’
‘So I eat as so you say, what am I without my rib
I cannot even pray’
But it was Shaitaan’s  art of the gab so glib
He succeeded in persuasion of the fatal jib
Now love alike is ‘pyaar hi pyaar’
Repent repent forgive and pray
‘seedha raasta will only take you paar’
(straight path- paar-across heaven’s  bridge)
Chalo chalo siraat e mustaqeem
Life is real and is not but just a dream’
Zindagi haqeeqat hai khwaab nahi’


  1. You have me grinning throughout at "gab so glib" and your clever wit. Layered with so many fashions from Ivory tower to the streets, this poem brings the reality of naming, renaming, and "stabbing" home.

    1. Thank you Dear Susan ,am so delighted to read your lovely thoughts and am happy you enjoyed the lines but most of all I am so happy that we are now linked' and ...OMG we have the same language....awesome!

  2. This is a very clever poem of languages and I smiled as I read. I enjoyed it very much.

  3. This is beautifully written!! A very impressive bilingual write.