Friday, March 21, 2014

In Response to Poets United ~Midweek Motif ~ Happy Birthday ~ Pakistan

Poets United ~ Midweek Motif ~ Happy Birthday ~ Pakistan

My Dear Homeland You belong to me
I belong to you~ 23rd March was the day
we all specially remember and pray
with respect love and hope
may we hold tight the Faith Rope'
An idea it was so true a dream
that one nation one people one stream
I think about you all the time - you are a gift
may no enemy part it cut or may shift
O people come together gather
All peace love and gratitude
its time to Thank Almighty change attitude' 
It is your Day the 23rd of March

Happy Birthday -Keep high the Faithful glowing torch.


  1. A beautiful birthday poem to your homeland. I can feel your passionate feelings for it in your words!