Sunday, April 13, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #197 ~ The Road in the Greens ~

Inspired by a  recent visit to a Hill Station in the Northern Areas of Pakistan ~

It did not look like 
the 'road not taken'
nor did it seem untrodden
though silently deserted,
cranky voices of travellers
mumbling, walking slowly,
some with sticks
some with bags
clothes tattered, soiled like rags
what wanderers, gypsies
or knights are these, perhaps
disguised, going where?
to unknown inns and places,
who will find the real traces
of cart and carriage wheels
dug deep ruts in mud and mire,
who will know Ye Olde Captain
smelling of rum and whiskey?
in strange attire-patriotic spirit afire
what sweet whistles and jingles
of keys and songs are these?
what rustling of maps and tinkles 
of coins, of silver and gold
dusty and crumpled but preciously
held, as sonorously they stumble-
forward determined, some on horses,
like amblers, no racers, no hurry no worry,
they move and giggle n g rumple,
no heroic braves may know 
this was the way to go-

now all is quiet, steeped 
in solitude, fresh and green
the scene changed from seen
to unseen,
 was this the road
that saw ten thousand men?
who brought grand glory

to Ye Olde Nations'


  1. interesting to walk those pathes of our history and wonder at who passed here...was it knights...for those curious enough, i imagine they can find out...i wonder how many really care about our shared history though...

  2. To me this poem makes me think of all roads we walk. We most often do not think or wonder about those who have walked or ridden the road before. There is so much history beneath our feet. So many invisible footprints, and filled in carriage ruts. (Anyway, this is what I take from your poem.)

  3. I fixed the link you put into the Mr. Linky space, as you inserted a non-working link. You wrote the correct link in your 'comment.'

  4. same road, different experience that's what this poem is for me.. i saw a picture yesterday, on the bottom in the ground were bleeding soldier, over on the land was a young couple.. this poem reminded me of that image.

  5. the quiet road seems to me to be a living witness to the turmoils of the past and
    present and ever so patient for the future happenings...very evocative lines..

  6. This poem made me think of battlefields, but I don't know why. What would seem the road least traveled? Maybe the humble one? But every road, though abandoned now, takes me into history and the spirit of place. What marvelous images you bring to mind.

    1. I love to study the historical side of life.It enriches the knowledge and understanding of people and places.Thank you

  7. Beautifully captured, the glimpse at a pathway of ten thousand......a wonderful write. I also love the calmness of the last stanza, and the look at its peacefulness today.

    1. Thank you Sherry-my love of English literature helps me to write and history is always fascinating and interesting

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    1. Dear Mary the problem of linking is persisting due to the hacking and deletion of my poetry blog.I have revived it with a different blog address now as I did not want to lose the poems. I will send a new poem to test the link.I hope this will solve the problem. I am grateful to you for fixing but I also wish to apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused.Please check this and guide me further.

    2. The new link you put in Poetry Pantry DOES work (so you mastered the technique); but I will be deleting that one can only put one poem a week in the Poetry Pantry, and your other one (the link that I fixed) is already there. The link I cannot fix is with Midweek Motif, as Susan does the linkies there. Perhaps you can use your second Poetry Pantry share another week... I do hope also you will be able to visit the blogs of poets who visited you, as we all enjoy having our poems read and commented on as well. Anyway, it is good to see that the linking problem has been solved. Have a good week...and hope to see you in Midweek Motif and Poetry Pantry next time!

    3. Thank you so much Mary I really appreciate your help and guidance I am glad the link is responding correctly.I too checked it a number of times.I understand the 'one time poem' and I shall try to visit as many Blogs as regards

  9. nice contemplative piece, rife with questions of those who went before along that road; have a nice Sunday

    much love..