Monday, April 14, 2014

For Poets United ~ Verse First ~ Gifts and Blessings ~

we never realize the gifts we get
clouds rain sun and light
we believe all things are set
water heat cold warmth of night
daylight dawns,reveals all out of sight

Nature created nature loves us all
Nature has blessed with gifts uncountable
we are oblivious still after the Fall
  Our Lord oft forgiving our sins unforgivable
we need to obey,believe unseen, the invisible;

sounds sights letters words in verse
gifted life gifted love gifted songs
words in poems lifted the curse
erased all pain cured all wrong'
first verses gifted,lead to Heaven along'

and I know when the call comes from the sky
there I see the crown in the cloud
blessing all gifts forgiving all up high
the message is clear the message is loud
Be grateful be happy peaceful but not proud.

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