Sunday, April 20, 2014

For ~ REAL TOADS Challenge : Shape Poem ~ The Flowers Came

 in the 
terrace door
  at all the flowers outside
pink and white bowers
I said
how Nature brings Spring
 all color to fresh new things 
how lovely the flowers look
 fresh peace from The Book
I thought I wished I prayed
God listens to  our prayers
what if, the flowers  outside
if some would come  inside
and like a miracle
that manifests truth
by evening that day and in answer to prayer
a large bouquet,same color to share green beside
greetings sent by brother but I knew the true aside
The Lord Most Gracious had heard me as always 
Most Merciful and  Loving  sent the flowers inside.


  1. Great work on your shape. It looks like hands held in prayer or a candle flame. Excellent thoughts shared.